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About TerraLink

TerraLink has been manufacturing fertilizers and amendments for half a century. And for half a century, farmers and professional growers have been relying on our expertise and know-how to get the best out of their crops.

With our home & garden product lines, we are offering the same professional quality plant food to homeowners and garden enthusiasts everywhere.

Look for GardenPRO, CountryGREEN, Orgunique and Dogwood Brand at your local garden centre!

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Our Brands

GardenPRO offers granular and liquid fertilizers and amendments formulated to specifically target crops' individual needs.

CountryGREEN is a line of fertilizers for lawns and turf. Also offered under the CountryGREEN brand are professionally blended lawn seed mixes.

Orgunique fertilizers and amendments are masterfully crafted and certified organic.

Dogwood brand fertilizers are simple yet effective blends, economically priced.

TerraLink is locally owned and operated by a team of people with extensive horticultural and agricultural experience. Our professional fertilizers are used by farmers and producers everywhere.

Tomato & Vegetables 3-1-4

Organic concentrate to improve quality and yield in vegetables. Formulated to meet the high nutritional standards of vegetative, fruiting and flowering stages.

Here are some of our products:

Evergreen & Broadleaf 4-7-14

With stabilized nitrogen and all micronutrients required for dark green foliage and steady growth.

Super Lawn Spring & Summer Fertilizer 32-4-8

With 50% Stabilized nitrogen, iron and micronutrients for quick green-up and long release - a perfect lawn all season.

Moss Control & Lawn Food 9-3-6

With 13.5% Iron. Excellent moss control and early spring green-up lawn food.

Want more?

For the complete range of all home & garden products available from TerraLink, see our Home & Garden Catalogue.

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TerraLink's Home & Garden product lines are available at selected garden centres all throughout Canada. For locations, please refer to the store locator.

Please note: Inventory may vary by location.



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